*New Years Wishes*

This is a new year, a new beginning and things will change – Taylor Swift

Happy New Year everyone!

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2018 has arrived and with that comes a lot of new hope, goals, resolutions and challenges.

First of all, I want to wish you all the best. May 2018 be full of good health, succes and happiness!

2017 was a very tough year for me personally. I had many dreams that went down the drain, I had my heart broken in a million pieces by the one I loved the most and had to push myself to get out of a dark hole I was in. So you can say 2017 kicked my ass, but I fought back. I never gave up and had amazing people around me to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel and for that, I am so grateful.

2018 is bound to be different. I learned so much during this whole process and so much has changed in my life. I learnt to take care of my mental health, that you do not have to beg for someone to love you and that achieving my dreams is not a straight line but it comes with ups and downs.

So what do I wish for in 2018?

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I wish for a good health, physically as well as mentally. This is the most important thing of all. All the rest doesn’t matter if you don’t have your health.

I wish for family time and happiness. My family is extremely important to me. We are all so close and I just hope I can spent a lot of quality time with them.

I wish for love and friendship. I’m not going to be desperately looking for love, but if it comes my way, I won’t shut the door. To my friends: May our friendship last long, may we have fun and may we support each other through ups and downs.

I wish for success. Yes, succes… I have a lot of dreams and goals and I just hope I can make progress towards my goals and dreams, even if they are baby steps. Just remember, any progress is progress, even if you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Last, but not least, I have just one New Years resolution and that is….


I want to see a bit more of the world, live life to the fullest and make beautiful memories!

What about you? Do you have any wishes or New Years resolutions for 2018?

Let me know in the comments!

*The Portuguese Girl






My Christmas Presents



‘Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love’ – Hamilton Wright Mabie

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope that you spent these magical days with all your loved ones.

Altough Christmas isn’t all about the presents, I wanted to show you what I got, since I’m so happy with it. I mostly enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephews and my parents and siblings. Seeing all the little ones running around and playing and having this big dinner table with tons of food and playing bingo is what really makes it Christmas for me.

We always buy gifts for the children, but for the grown-ups we do a secret Santa, since otherwhise Christmas would be too expensive and we find it more important to be all together.

So here’s what I got:

My Secret Santa, which was my brother-in-law, got me the new Chanel parfum, Gabrielle. This parfum smells soooooo good and I love it. All it takes is 1 little bit and you have so much already. It comes in such a pretty box and the bottle is just so classy, elegant and minimalistic, which is perfect!


My Best friend got me a wallet and a beautiful bracelet. The wallet is this soft pink tone and is spacious and simple. It fits all your cards and has a lot of room for coins.

The bracelet is a silver one with the infinity sign in the middle. The infinity has 5 little diamants that give the bracelet that little extra shine. The bracelet is from @good.designs_official and they are a young start-up company.


My other good friend got me earrings and a pen of one of my favourite brands: Swarovski. The pen is pink and has these supercute pink glitter diamants in them. Now I can write and sign things like a boss ;). The earrings, ooow the earrings, are absolutely stunning! They are this long earrings all made of swarovski cristals. This one can make any outfit. I feel so extra in these earrings that I’m going to wear them on New Year’s eve so I can enter 2018 shining bright like a diamant.

Last, but not least, She also got me a box of my favourite chocolate, Ferrero Rocher.


Hope you liked all my presents!

*The Portuguese Girl


The ‘Classic, but Edgy’ look

‘In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic’ – Iman

I’m back! I’ve been so busy with moving to a new place and many deadlines at work, but I finally managed to find some time though.

First of all, I cut my hair! Oh my god was I terrified! My hair was super long, but everyone kept saying I should cut it and that I would look great with shorter hair. So 1 day I just stept in to de hairdresser and cut it. Am I happy with my new haircut? I am, but I do miss my long hair from time to time, since you could do a lot more hairstyles with it, but hey, it will grow back!

Now let’s get to this look. The goal for this look was to keep it classy for work, but still give it a little edgy look to stand out.

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Let’s start with the top part of the outfit.

I took a plain black t-shirt and combined it with a classic blazer, both from H&M. You can find the plain black t-shirts any time and the blazer I bought on black Friday with 20% off on the website.

The necklace is from Victoria jewels and the earrings are from Primark.


Now let’s talk about this clutch! Oh my god, this one has got to be my new favourite! It’s this velvetty, old pink clutch with a big bow and it has a nice silver strap so you can use it on your shoulder as well. And guess what? This one is from the Primark and cost €7! So you can say this one is definitely worth a visit to Primark to.

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Last but not least the bottom part of this outfit. I used a plain dark jeans to keep it sober. This one I have had for ages so you can use any dark one you have in your closet.

These overknee boots are the ones that make this look edgy. These are the 1st pair of overknee boots I own and I must say that I’m into this trend. I got these at New Look and they were about €70, so not too expensive. The heel is just high enough and the black sobers it up so it’s still classic enough for work.


Did you like this look? Let me know!

*The Portuguese Girl


The ‘Beginning of Fall’ Look


“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go…” – Mayaelious.com

As much as I love the summer and wish it would never end, I do feel that fall has it’s charm as well. The falling leaves and the brown, red and yellow tones give me a warm and cozy feeling.

This outfit brings a little bit of sunshine to those grey and cloudy days of fall. I wore this to a Sunday brunch, because it is classy and cosy at the same time.


The blouse is from Bershka and the color reminds me of the falling leaves. This warm, dark yellow is definitely a go to color this fall. I combined it with a basic black top underneath so I would not show too much cleavage during family brunch.

The little camel/beige handbag I bought at Primark in the summer, but its simplicity fits perfectly with the yellow of the blouse. It has enough room for all your essentials and has little golden accents.


The boots, oh the boots (yes, I’m in love with them!), are just amazing. These bikerboots are from totallytwo.com and I must say I’m obsessed. I have been looking for the perfect bikerboots for so long and as soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them.

The black leggings are from Stradivarius and have, as you can see,  a lace up detail on the side of the leggings. This gives it that extra tough look, which provides a nice contrast between the classy top part and the tough bottom part of the outfit.



I really like this outfit and I hope you like it too!


Kisses and Hugs*

The Portuguese Girl

Think Pink – Race for the Cure



“There can be life after breast cancer the prerequisite is early detection”                     – Ann Jillian

Think-Pink is the Belgian national breast cancer campaign and aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. They focus on several different points, going from providing information and creating awareness to funding research and care.

Every year they organize a race for the cure in 3 different cities: Brussels, Namur and Antwerp.

You can sign up in advance and print out your ticket (which costs 12EU) or sign up on the day itself (which costs 15EU) at the location of the race. You get a white T-shirt if you are supporting breast cancer and a Pink T-shirt if you are a breast cancer patient/survivor.



The one in Antwerp is always in September and near to the pier. This year was the 10th anniversary of this event, so it was extra special and, with 8.017 participants, the most ever (Yeaaaahhhh!!)! The race took place on Sunday 24/09 and for the 6th year in a row, my sister and I participated.


The whole place was filled with tents of different non-profits breast cancer organizations. A lot of them where providing information, selling cakes or pink-ribbon items to gather money.


There was this big stage where Ellen Petri (Miss Belgium 2004) was presenting a few organizations and where there was a live warm-up Zumba session. Next to the stage was this enormous pink air balloon that said ‘Think Pink’. They had different area’s like a jumping castle for the kids, a bar with pink champagne, an on-the-spot hair salon so you could donate your hair to make wigs and a specific area for breast cancer patients/survivors where they could get a massage, talk to each other about their journey or get advice on a wig.

As my sister and I went with her 2 little children, we decided to do the 3KM walk, but you can also do a 6KM run. First up were the children for the kids race, after that the runners were up for their 6KM run. At 11h30, as the last group, were the walkers. The countdown began and as soon as we said 0, everyone started walking. It took us about 45min as this was on a slow pace since we were a large group of people with a lot of little kids and strollers.

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I want to leave a message to all of the people who suffer from, have suffered from or know someone with this disease: You are strong and will overcome this. We believe in you and keep you in our prayers always ❤

Remember to check your breasts every now and then and remember the key is early detection.

More information can be found on: http://www.think-pink.be/en

Kisses and Hugs*

The Portuguese Girl

PS: All Pictures, except for the 2 last ones, are property of Think-pink and can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/ThinkPinkBelgie

The Caro_e_ Blogger collection for Hunkemöller


“The Caro_e_ Blogger collection is a range of sportswear that packs a feminine and powerful punch.” Hunkemöller CEO Philip Mountford

The German Fashion blogger Caro Einhoff, or better known as Caro_e_ released her activewear collaboration with Hunkemöller.

The Caro_e_ Blogger Collection, as it is called, ranges from stylish and supportive sports bras to a variety of tops and bottoms, perfect to mix and match. Pretty nudes with colorful accents, such as pink and burgundy, define the collection.

Anyone who follows Caro_e_ on Instagram knows her as a person with a lot of style and a vivacious personality, all which she captures wonderfully in her beautiful pictures. I think that this collection fits her perfectly and really shows off her sense of style, which is defined as sexy and feminine.

The collection in the Hunkemoller store is shown as below, with the reference to Caro’s Instagram account, which gives her even more exposure (not that she really needs it with over 1million followers).

The Hunkemöller store at Wijnegem Shopping Center


I decided to purchase a sports bra and leggings of this collection so I could give my honest opinion about it.

The sports bra I chose is a beautiful pink and black push-up with lacy details. The back of the bra is elastic and adjustable, so that it can be adjusted to fitting you perfectly. As I’m wearing it, I do not feel discomfort in any way and it holds up everything it needs to.


The leggings are the same colors so that the pieces would match. The fabric is nice and soft and the leggings are very comfortable when wearing them. It has just the right amount of stretch and are not too hot to workout in.

The prices are standard Hunkemöller so it is not very expensive. You can check out the collection HERE and try it for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Kisses and Hugs

The Portuguese Girl*

The Designer bag obsession

 Your handbag is the most emotional purchase you make. It has to be just right – fashionable as well as functional.” – Isaac Mizrahi

Bags were always a cute accessory for me, but it wasn’t something I bought frequently. I mostly just used to have 2 or 3 basic ones that I would switch around every once and a while. But recently this changed as my interest in designer bags grew little by little.

I did always want a Louis Vuitton bag. Don’t ask me why and call me snobbish if you want, but there was something about a Louis Vuitton bag that made me think ‘If you have that, you made it’.

Surprisingly a Louis Vuitton bag was the first designer bag I ever owned. Now, I did not buy it myself, if I may add. It was a goodbye-gift from my colleagues at HPCDS when I left there. As they knew it was something I’ve always wanted, they all put together some money and where able to buy this cute, little one for me.

With the classic LV look, this bag gives every outfit that extra class

I was so surprised when I saw the bag, that I nearly started crying (yes, I cry when I see pretty things). It came in such a beautiful box and just the thought of owning a Louis Vuitton bag made me happy.

After that I just dreamt and looked at designer bags for some years and hoped I would own them all one day.

But recently I went all out! I was shopping during my holidays in Portugal and we passed a Michael Kors store. I was just window shopping ‘till my mom said ‘Let’s go inside, they’re having a sale!’  Well, I did not need much time (about 0.5seconds…) to fall in love with this beautiful Fuchsia-Pink bag.

Walking down the Cais de Gaia in Portugal, I thought this was the perfect setting to take a picture of my beautiful Michael Kors

Most people would go for a neutral color that goes with every outfit, but as I love the color pink, the moment I saw this bag, I knew I couldn’t leave without buying it. The good part about it? It had a 50% discount! I didn’t hesitate for a bit and bought my first Michael Kors that I’ve wanted for so long.

This bag has amazing finishes and it’s big, so therefore you can fit a lot into it. So it’s pretty handy for those days where you have to carry a lot with you. I realize this color is quite bold, but hey, it gives some outfits an extra color kick and makes you stand out in a crowd, right?

Back from vacation I decided to go and have a look at the sales in the Wijnegem Shopping Center. My sister saw this bronze crossbody bag in the shop window of the Guess store and we decided that we would have a look inside the store. I entered the store with her and there she was… The cutest Rose gold crossbody Guess bag with metallic finish perfect for a night out or weekends.

This Crossbody bag has room for all your essentials: Little wallet, phone, keys and lipstick

It’s much softer in color that the fushia Michael Kors so when I want to keep my outfit a bit more sober or just need to take my essentials with me, this is the go-to bag. This is from the new collection, so no discount for me :(.

I think that for now, I can live with these 3 gorgeous bags, but I’m dreaming of a cute little Furla already (Like I said, obsessed!)

I guess I better start saving some money of the January sales :)!

Kisses and Hugs

The Portuguese Girl*