Youthmud by Glamglow

Facials are workouts for your skin – Unknown


I finally bought it! I have been dying to try out the Youthmud by Glamglow for ages!

I find it a bit expensive and that is why I put off buying it for so long. I was able to get this at 40% discount, thanks to my brother who had access to an Estee Lauder stocksale and brought this back for me.

What is the Youthmud by Glamglow exactly?

According to the Glamglow website the Youthmud is: A 10-minute professional ‘facial in a jar’ for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries.


What does the Youthmud do?

It provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter, and softer resulting in immediate camera-ready glowing skin for Men & Women, so you can get  your youthful Sexy Glow back in just 10 minutes.

What was my experience with this product?

Before putting on this product, I cleaned my face with some cleansing foam and scrubbed it with de L’oreal Kiwi Scrub .


I then put a thin layer all over my face, avoiding eyebrows, the eye-area and the lips. The first this I noticed was a stingy feeling. As I was putting this mask on, I felt it ‘burning’ more and more by the second. This is quite an uncomfortable feeling and for the first 5 minutes I had to wave a piece of cardboard along my face the whole time, so I would feel some kind of relieve. As the mud starts drying more and more, the ‘burn’ starts decreasing. After 10 minutes the mask was completely dry and I could barely move my face.

Glamglow recommends removing the mask in circular motions with warm water, so that by removing the mask, the skin gets a light scrub. It comes of quite easy and the scrub doesn’t hurt.

What’s the end result?

Right after removing the mask, my skin is quite red, but feels really smooth and soft. I’m definitely using it again as the result are amazing, so it’s worth the ‘burn’.

Have you tried this mask before?

Let me know in the comment section!

*The Portuguese Girl


Suit up

I’m building a brand. I’m always busy – Chelsea B.


I want to start off by confessing I may have developped a slight suit obsession.

I mean, come on, these new suits for women are just such an amazing and powerful trend. You can look professional, but still fashionable and playful, by playing with colors, fabrics and prints.

As if a pink suit wasn’t enough, I decided to purchase a blue one as well. In my defense, this one is a different color and slightly different model and fabric, hahahahaha!


I bought this one online at Stradivarius ( as you may have noticed, I love this brand!). They don’t have a physical store in Antwerp or anywhere close, so I usually buy half the store when I go to Portugal or I just order online.


What I specially love about this suit, are the subtle, thin bright blue lines in between en dark blue and white lines. It gives it just that little extra.


I paired this suit with a basic, slightly oversized black T-shirt, with a V-neck from H&M and some black sandals from a Portuguese shoe store called Seaside.


Like this I’m ready to kick some ass at work, or with a slighty different top, with some more cleavage, I’m ready for some drinks.


Click the below links for the clothes worn in this blog:

Let me know what you think of this look!

*The Portuguese Girl

L’Oreal Pure Sugar Scrub: First Impression

Exfoliation is key. It eliminates dead skin cells and polishes the skin, refines the pores and smoothens wrinkles 

New Image

L’Oréal has released new fruit-based facial- and lip-scrubs.

You can choose from 3 different ones:

  1. The Grapeseed scrub which promises to brighten dull skin.
  2. The Kiwi scrub, which supposedly purifies and unclogs pores for oily skin.
  3. The Cocoa scrub, which is designed to nourish dry skin.

Since I have been having quite some  ‘problems’ with my skin lately (a lot of impurities)and I decided to test the kiwi Scrub to see if this would really help.

I bought this at the store for €10,99.


The l’Oreal website promises the following:

kiwi scrub descriptionMy first impression:

The instructions say to start off by removing all make-up and clean the face, before using the scrub.


While opening the scrub, the first thing you notice is the green color with little black pits in it. It looks just like a smashed up kiwi. The second thing is the smell. The scrub just has a really nice, fruity and fresh smell.

The feel of the scrub on my hands is kind of sticky, but in a nice way.

So off we go to the application of the scrub on my face. The instructions say to put a thin layer on my face, then add some tepid water and massage the whole face, with exception of the contour of our eyes. The scrub contains little sugar particles. You can feel them, but they are really gentle and it doesn’t hurt or burn the skin. It can also be used on the lips, so I decided to try that as well, right away. After massaging for some time, the scrub needs to be removed with tepid water.

So how does my face feel after using this scrub? My skin feels clean, bright and smoother. My lips also feel very soft and pink.

You’re supposed to use this 3 times a week to see good results. Am I going to use it more? The answer is yes, because I really liked the way my skin feels after the scrub. I do think this could be an easy and effortless way to take that little bit extra take of your skin in just 5minutes.

Let me know of you test it out!

*The Portuguese Girl


Catch me in my Birthday Suit

I’m not getting old, I’m getting better – Unknown



It’s that time of the year again!

I’m officially one year older! Exactly 27 years ago, on the 16th of April 1991 at 10 AM, I was born.

I hope this year will be full of joy and happiness. I hope to travel a lot and maybe, who knows, find the love of my life :D.


I always give myself a birthday gift. Call me crazy, but I always feel like it’s a day where I deserve to pamper myself. So what did I get myself this year? Obviously some new hair! I was missing my long hair so much, that I decided to get extensions at the amazing Rana Hair Extensions Salon. I couldn’t be happier! I feel so much better and sexier.

How am i planning on celebrating my birthday? Well I have a some plans for the rest of the month. First of all, I took the day off, because you just don’t work on your birthday, so I’m just going to chill today.

On the 21th I’m spending the day with my best friends. We’re going to just eat, drink and have fun :D!

On the 28th I’m having brunch with some work friends at Bar Muza in Lier. They have an amazing all-you-can-eat brunch!

Last, but definitely not least, I’m having brunch with the whole family on the 29th.

After that, enjoy life for another year!

The Portuguese Girl*















Pictures were taken by @thewanderlustgenes

Pink suit from Totallytwo

Balloons from Aliexpress

Shoes from Zalando






The cozy corner

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends” – Unknown


I recently moved to a new appartement (about 4months ago) and I’m still in the process of decorating and making it as cozy as possible.

I have this little piece of wall I didn’t know what to do with. So I decided I would make it a little cozy corner with pictures of myself and my goddaughters.

I bought some basic white photo frames in Ikea that were like 0,99€ each en put some baby pics of my cute little goddaughters in them. I mean look at these pics… Aren’t these the cutest little girls ever? I seriously love them so much and like this I can look at these pics everyday and they instantly put a smile on my face.

What I really want to tell you about is this beautiful picture on forex from


This is a 20×30 picture on forex from my photoshoot at the Havenhuis by Sunset. This is so pretty and the quality of this picture is just amazing! As soon as I opened the package I fell in love and wanted to hang it up. It became the centerpiece and I build the rest of the corner around it.

If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, you can create your own picture, just like I did by clicking on this link and your following their easy steps.


…And just like that I’m one step closer to feeling like I’m home…

Kisses and Hugs

*The Portuguese Girl

The Paris Experience

A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else – unknown


2 weeks ago we went to the oh-so-romantic Paris. We went by car and left on Friday morning and returned on Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t my first time in Paris, but it was for my dear friend @andreiapereiraaa

I wanted to show her as much of Paris as possible, but Paris is so big it was impossible to see everything.

So we visited the following places:

  • The Eiffel tower
  • Trocadero
  • Place de la Concorde
  • Les Champs Élysées
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Louvre
  • Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Centre Pompidou
  • Notre Dame
  • Montmartre
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Colonnes de Buren

The sun was shining the whole weekend, but man was it cold! We had temperatures of -2°C and the wind felt like it was cutting your face in half.


Paris was also in preparation for PFW (Paris Fashion Week) so it was already quite crowded.

Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as we planned. I hurt my foot on the 2nd day and we had to take the afternoon off because I could barely walk.

Sunday I also wasn’t feeling so well, so we decided to leave earlier than planned.

All and all it wasn’t the best, but definitely not the worst trip. I always have a great time and so much fun with Andreia and I seriously cannot wait to go to Punta Cana with her!


But who knows… maybe we’ll go somewhere else before ;).

Tell me your best Paris stories or which city you’re visiting next!

Kisses and Hugs

*The Portuguese Girl

Sunset by the ‘Havenhuis’

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully – Kristen Butler

Sunsets are that magical moment where the sun says goodbye after a day full of sunshine and warmth.

I’ve been wanting to shoot at the Havenhuis for a while now, because the architecture of this building is just amazeballs! So what is the ‘Havenhuis’ actually? Havenhuis means ‘The Port house’ and, according to their official website , it’s the head office of Antwerp Port Authority. It was created by the architect Dame Zaha Hadid.

But enough about the building. Lets move on to my outfit!

This lovely pink and white blouse with puffy sleeves is one of the favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It’s from Loavies and I got it from my colleagues for my birthday. Loavies has so many beautiful showstoppers, so if you go to their website, be warned hahahaha!



As I chose a quite extravagant blouse, I decided to keep the bottom half of my outfit as simple as possible, so that the blouse would get all the attention.

My all-black leggings are from Bershka. They are simple, comfy and made with a stretchy fabric. This is an old collection, but you can find these kinds of leggings all the time.

The accessories I used were classic, black, velvet pumps, cat-eye sunglasses and little pearl-earrings.


All the pictures were taken by the wonderful The Wanderlust Genes . Make sure to visit their website and check out their amazing travel blogs!

I leave you with this amazing sunset and view…


*The Portuguese Girl

Valentine’s day Outfit

You don’t need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely.


If you search the meaning of Valentine’s day on Wikipedia, it’s described as a cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance.

Now, I like the meaning behind Valentine’s day. What I don’t like is the fact that love is overly commercialized and that people start expecting expensive gifts as a ‘prove’ that you love them. Love is shown in so many different ways. It’s a ‘get home safe’, a hug on the couch, a kiss on the forehead, a ‘how was your day?’.

Since I’m single I won’t be celebrating this day but I thought I’d show a cute Valentine’s day outfit for a dinner or romantic day with your loved one.

Let’s start with this gorgeous red, velvet jumpsuit.


The jumpsuit is from Stradivarius and was my best January sales buy. It went from €45,99 to €19,99. I had my eye on him for so long, that when it went on sale I didn’t think twice. The red color and velvet feel give it a romantic touch, while the cleavage makes it just that little bit sexier and daring. The jumpsuit is really comfortable, which brings me to my 3 tips on what to choose as your valentine’s outfit. Choose something romantic, with a bit of sexy and make sure you’re comfortable in it ( and maybe is easy to take off lmfao! )

For the shoes, I decided not to go for the classic, black pump look.


These glitter, sock boots are from Loavies . I bought these during Black Friday and hesitated a lot, since I usually don’t go for such over-the-top shoes, but man am I happy I bought them. These can really give an outfit the extra that it needs and since this is a special occasion I thought, why not add that little extra ;).


For the earrings I chose, ow the cliché, little hearts.

These are an old collection of Swarovski and I thought that it would fit in perfectly with the theme.

I hope you liked this outfit and let me know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day!


*The Portuguese Girl

The Super Stay Lipstick Collection By Maybelline

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world – Unknown


Today I want to share with you my opinion on the new Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick from Maybelline. This is my opinion and in no way a sponsored post.

I went to the drugstore to get these and chose out 3 colors to test:

  • The ’05 – Loyalist’
  • The ’10 – Dreamer’
  • The ’40 – Believer’

The lipsticks were €9,90 each and there were about 7 colors.

The first color I chose was the 05, called Loyalist.


This is a beautiful beige, nude color with no shine or glitter. It is one of the most beautiful nudes I have ever tried. It completes a classic, low-key look.

The second color I picked was the 10, called Dreamer.


This one is a light, old-pink color. It’s a light pink, but it doesn’t give you that Barbie-look. It keeps the look sophisticated by being matte.

The last one was the 40, called Believer.


Opposite to the other two, this one is a dark and rich color. The bottle looks very purple, but when you apply the color on your lips, you notice it’s actually a purple, reddish, almost like an aubergine color. I really wanted to try out a dark color to see if it would apply just as nicely to the lips as the light colors.

So here is my opinion on this new collection of Maybelline:

Opening the bottle, the lipsticks smell really good. They have a fruity smell and it’s quite pleasant. The brush is a bit too big for me, which makes it a little more difficult to put the lipstick on, so I had to pay attention not to get over the edges of my lips. While putting the lipstick on, it’s quite glossy and not at all representative of the final color. The final color comes after 2-3 minutes, so you have to be a bit pacient for the final fully, matte look. The lipstick gives you full coverage, but is quite sticky, which is the only down side for me. It does live up to its name, by staying on your lips for pretty long and it is very difficult to remove. I had to use an oil-based make-up remover to remove the lipsticks. On the plus side, it doesn’t dry out your lips.

I love the colors and I will definitely be using these on a weekly basis.

Let me know if you have tried these as well or are thinking about buying them!

Love you all!

*The Portuguese Girl

The ‘GirlBoss’ Look

‘If there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, It’s myself’ – Beyoncé

2018-01-14 03.47.55 2.jpg

I love feeling like I can conquer the world and this outfit makes me feel exactly that way!

It is perfect for a dinner party, but you can just as easily use it for a Business meeting or a day at the office, just top it of with a black blazer.

Let’s start from the top.


On a sunny day I always like to wear sunglasses (although I don’t have as many as I’d like :D). Reason? First of all, because it completes your look, but most importantly, it protects your eyes, and to be honest, we all cringe our eyes a little when we’re in the sun (without sunglasses!)  and that will just give us those awful wrinkles around our eyes in time, right? And we do not want that under any circumstances!

These ones I bought at Zalando and were about €50. They have this super cool cat eye effect which I love.

2018-01-14 04.03.35 2.jpg

The blouse is white with black and blue stripes and is from Stradivarius. I think they only have 1 or 2 stores in Belgium ( and it’s not where i live *crying internally*), so I usually just buy half the store when I’m in Portugal or I buy it online. It is one of my favourite stores and their prices are super affordable. This blouse was around €18 and they have so many diferent ones! It’s quite hard to resist!

The leggings I’m wearing are also from Stradivarius. They have a leather look in the front and are a nice stretchy fabric in the back. They are super comfy and again super affordable! It gives my look just a little more ‘Girlboss’ vibes.

I chose for classic black pumps in a velvet coat, because of the shininess of the leggings, otherwise it would be just too much shine. These ones I bought in Portugal in a store called Seaside, which has so many amazing shoes and they were Made in Portugal, which made me love them even more ( trying to support my Country every once in a while 😉 )

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

For the finishing touch I chose my classic Louis Vuitton bag ( yes, it’s a real one!). This just gives it the ultimate classic, boss look. This one is not very affordable, but as some of you already know, I have a thing for designer bags. I don’t have a lot of them, but I do think that a good designer bag can sometimes make a big difference and really complete a look.

Here are some good substitutes for the Louis Vuitton bag if you do want to recreate this look:

If you guys want to check out the Stradivarius website click HERE. They are having a big sale right now, so this is your chance.

Let me know if you liked this outfit and what your favourite piece is in the comments!

The Portuguese Girl*