Who am I?


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sandra and I’m originally from Portugal. I’m 26 years old (although I wish I could stay 25 forever!) and live in the beautiful city of Antwerp in Belgium.

How does a Portuguese girl end up in Belgium, you ask? Well, my parents had to emigrate 25 years ago, for economic reasons. They did what they thought was best for their 4 little children and took a leap of faith, coming to Belgium with nothing but some clothes and a few bucks. It wasn’t easy, but 25 years later here we are and I thank my parents for all the opportunities I had, thanks to the sacrifices they made.

I’m the youngest of 4, which means I was automatically the most spoiled (as my brothers and sister are always saying). I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews and we’re a pretty close family. We always support each other and come together as often as we can. I’m the godmother of 2 of my nieces and they are like my 2 little daughters (Since I don’t have any children, yet!)

Well that’s enough with the sentimental stuff (or I’m literally going to start crying!) Off to the reason I started this blog. I have always had a thing for beauty and fashion. I always make sure my clothes are matching and won’t leave the house unless I look decent (yes, even if it’s just to go get bread, you never know who you’ll see!). It’s not that I am an unsecure person, I just like looking in the mirror and saying ‘Yeah girl, you’re slaying today, you tha boss!’; It gives me the power and energy I need to get through the day and get everything done (that, and of course, coffee!).

And then I thought: why not write down some of my beauty routines, styles and treatments? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert in beauty and fashion, although I do have a degree in Beauty. I’m officially a beautician, but I do not work in that area (I work in the IT! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking ‘WHAAAT!’). I just want to share with you a little of my life and hopefully entertain you with my blogposts.

If there are some reviews or routines you would really want me to do, if you have any questions or want to do collabs, send me an e-mail at theportuguese_girl@outlook.com

Now you know who I am and hopefully  I will see you here again soon!


The Portuguese Girl