About me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sandra and I’m originally from Portugal. I’m a 90’s girl, live in the beautiful city of Antwerp in Belgium and I’m the mother of an amazing little girl Alana Leonor.

How does a Portuguese girl end up in Belgium, you ask? Well, my parents had to emigrate when I was just a baby, for economic reasons. They did what they thought was best for their 4 little children and took a leap of faith, coming to Belgium with nothing but some clothes and a few bucks. It wasn’t easy, but over 25years later here we are and I thank my parents for all the opportunities I had, thanks to the sacrifices they made.

Off to the reason I started this blog. This blog was originally about beauty and fashion, because those were 2 of my favourite ‘hobbies’. I always made sure my clothes were matching and I wouldn’t leave the house unless I looked decent. Well that kinda changed since I became a mommy hahahahaha. Now I mostly want to write down and share all my mommy experiences with you. This is all new to me and I just want to share some of my tips, fears, opinions, etc… and I especially want it to be real. Being a mother is not easy and that’s why I want this to be is a ‘nofilter’-‘nojudgement’ place.

I will still be sharing fashion and beauty as well as I’m still a woman after all and I more than just a mother.

If there are some topics, reviews or other items you would really want me to discuss, if you have any questions or for collabs, you can contact me @theportuguese_girl@outlook.com


The Portuguese Girl