Suit up

I’m building a brand. I’m always busy – Chelsea B.


I want to start off by confessing I may have developped a slight suit obsession.

I mean, come on, these new suits for women are just such an amazing and powerful trend. You can look professional, but still fashionable and playful, by playing with colors, fabrics and prints.

As if a pink suit wasn’t enough, I decided to purchase a blue one as well. In my defense, this one is a different color and slightly different model and fabric, hahahahaha!


I bought this one online at Stradivarius ( as you may have noticed, I love this brand!). They don’t have a physical store in Antwerp or anywhere close, so I usually buy half the store when I go to Portugal or I just order online.


What I specially love about this suit, are the subtle, thin bright blue lines in between en dark blue and white lines. It gives it just that little extra.


I paired this suit with a basic, slightly oversized black T-shirt, with a V-neck from H&M and some black sandals from a Portuguese shoe store called Seaside.


Like this I’m ready to kick some ass at work, or with a slighty different top, with some more cleavage, I’m ready forΒ some drinks.


Click the below links for the clothes worn in this blog:

Let me know what you think of this look!

*The Portuguese Girl

5 thoughts on “Suit up

  1. Hey meid,
    Leuke blog heb je.Ik vind dit kostuumpak heel mooi.Stradivarius heeft inderdaad veel leuke dingen.Ik heb onlangs ontdekt dat er een stradivarius is in Maastricht.Het is een leuk stadje om te shoppen,met al de leuke ketens.Ben je er ooit geweest?
    Zo, nog een fijne zondagavond.


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