Valentine’s day Outfit

You don’t need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely.


If you search the meaning of Valentine’s day on Wikipedia, it’s described as a cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance.

Now, I like the meaning behind Valentine’s day. What I don’t like is the fact that love is overly commercialized and that people start expecting expensive gifts as a ‘prove’ that you love them. Love is shown in so many different ways. It’s a ‘get home safe’, a hug on the couch, a kiss on the forehead, a ‘how was your day?’.

Since I’m single I won’t be celebrating this day but I thought I’d show a cute Valentine’s day outfit for a dinner or romantic day with your loved one.

Let’s start with this gorgeous red, velvet jumpsuit.


The jumpsuit is from Stradivarius and was my best January sales buy. It went from €45,99 to €19,99. I had my eye on him for so long, that when it went on sale I didn’t think twice. The red color and velvet feel give it a romantic touch, while the cleavage makes it just that little bit sexier and daring. The jumpsuit is really comfortable, which brings me to my 3 tips on what to choose as your valentine’s outfit. Choose something romantic, with a bit of sexy and make sure you’re comfortable in it ( and maybe is easy to take off lmfao! )

For the shoes, I decided not to go for the classic, black pump look.


These glitter, sock boots are from Loavies . I bought these during Black Friday and hesitated a lot, since I usually don’t go for such over-the-top shoes, but man am I happy I bought them. These can really give an outfit the extra that it needs and since this is a special occasion I thought, why not add that little extra ;).


For the earrings I chose, ow the cliché, little hearts.

These are an old collection of Swarovski and I thought that it would fit in perfectly with the theme.

I hope you liked this outfit and let me know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day!


*The Portuguese Girl

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