The Super Stay Lipstick Collection By Maybelline

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world – Unknown


Today I want to share with you my opinion on the new Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick from Maybelline. This is my opinion and in no way a sponsored post.

I went to the drugstore to get these and chose out 3 colors to test:

  • The ’05 – Loyalist’
  • The ’10 – Dreamer’
  • The ’40 – Believer’

The lipsticks were €9,90 each and there were about 7 colors.

The first color I chose was the 05, called Loyalist.


This is a beautiful beige, nude color with no shine or glitter. It is one of the most beautiful nudes I have ever tried. It completes a classic, low-key look.

The second color I picked was the 10, called Dreamer.


This one is a light, old-pink color. It’s a light pink, but it doesn’t give you that Barbie-look. It keeps the look sophisticated by being matte.

The last one was the 40, called Believer.


Opposite to the other two, this one is a dark and rich color. The bottle looks very purple, but when you apply the color on your lips, you notice it’s actually a purple, reddish, almost like an aubergine color. I really wanted to try out a dark color to see if it would apply just as nicely to the lips as the light colors.

So here is my opinion on this new collection of Maybelline:

Opening the bottle, the lipsticks smell really good. They have a fruity smell and it’s quite pleasant. The brush is a bit too big for me, which makes it a little more difficult to put the lipstick on, so I had to pay attention not to get over the edges of my lips. While putting the lipstick on, it’s quite glossy and not at all representative of the final color. The final color comes after 2-3 minutes, so you have to be a bit pacient for the final fully, matte look. The lipstick gives you full coverage, but is quite sticky, which is the only down side for me. It does live up to its name, by staying on your lips for pretty long and it is very difficult to remove. I had to use an oil-based make-up remover to remove the lipsticks. On the plus side, it doesn’t dry out your lips.

I love the colors and I will definitely be using these on a weekly basis.

Let me know if you have tried these as well or are thinking about buying them!

Love you all!

*The Portuguese Girl

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