My Christmas Presents



‘Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love’ – Hamilton Wright Mabie

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope that you spent these magical days with all your loved ones.

Altough Christmas isn’t all about the presents, I wanted to show you what I got, since I’m so happy with it. I mostly enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephews and my parents and siblings. Seeing all the little ones running around and playing and having this big dinner table with tons of food and playing bingo is what really makes it Christmas for me.

We always buy gifts for the children, but for the grown-ups we do a secret Santa, since otherwhise Christmas would be too expensive and we find it more important to be all together.

So here’s what I got:

My Secret Santa, which was my brother-in-law, got me the new Chanel parfum, Gabrielle. This parfum smells soooooo good and I love it. All it takes is 1 little bit and you have so much already. It comes in such a pretty box and the bottle is just so classy, elegant and minimalistic, which is perfect!


My Best friend got me a wallet and a beautiful bracelet. The wallet is this soft pink tone and is spacious and simple. It fits all your cards and has a lot of room for coins.

The bracelet is a silver one with the infinity sign in the middle. The infinity has 5 little diamants that give the bracelet that little extra shine. The bracelet is from @good.designs_official and they are a young start-up company.


My other good friend got me earrings and a pen of one of my favourite brands: Swarovski. The pen is pink and has these supercute pink glitter diamants in them. Now I can write and sign things like a boss ;). The earrings, ooow the earrings, are absolutely stunning! They are this long earrings all made of swarovski cristals. This one can make any outfit. I feel so extra in these earrings that I’m going to wear them on New Year’s eve so I can enter 2018 shining bright like a diamant.

Last, but not least, She also got me a box of my favourite chocolate, Ferrero Rocher.


Hope you liked all my presents!

*The Portuguese Girl

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