The ‘Classic, but Edgy’ look

‘In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic’ – Iman

I’m back! I’ve been so busy with moving to a new place and many deadlines at work, but I finally managed to find some time though.

First of all, I cut my hair! Oh my god was I terrified! My hair was super long, but everyone kept saying I should cut it and that I would look great with shorter hair. So 1 day I just stept in to de hairdresser and cut it. Am I happy with my new haircut? I am, but I do miss my long hair from time to time, since you could do a lot more hairstyles with it, but hey, it will grow back!

Now let’s get to this look. The goal for this look was to keep it classy for work, but still give it a little edgy look to stand out.

Processed with VSCO with q1 preset

Let’s start with the top part of the outfit.

I took a plain black t-shirt and combined it with a classic blazer, both from H&M. You can find the plain black t-shirts any time and the blazer I bought on black Friday with 20% off on the website.

The necklace is from Victoria jewels and the earrings are from Primark.


Now let’s talk about this clutch! Oh my god, this one has got to be my new favourite! It’s this velvetty, old pink clutch with a big bow and it has a nice silver strap so you can use it on your shoulder as well. And guess what? This one is from the Primark and cost €7! So you can say this one is definitely worth a visit to Primark to.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Last but not least the bottom part of this outfit. I used a plain dark jeans to keep it sober. This one I have had for ages so you can use any dark one you have in your closet.

These overknee boots are the ones that make this look edgy. These are the 1st pair of overknee boots I own and I must say that I’m into this trend. I got these at New Look and they were about €70, so not too expensive. The heel is just high enough and the black sobers it up so it’s still classic enough for work.


Did you like this look? Let me know!

*The Portuguese Girl


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