The Caro_e_ Blogger collection for Hunkemöller


“The Caro_e_ Blogger collection is a range of sportswear that packs a feminine and powerful punch.” Hunkemöller CEO Philip Mountford

The German Fashion blogger Caro Einhoff, or better known as Caro_e_ released her activewear collaboration with Hunkemöller.

The Caro_e_ Blogger Collection, as it is called, ranges from stylish and supportive sports bras to a variety of tops and bottoms, perfect to mix and match. Pretty nudes with colorful accents, such as pink and burgundy, define the collection.

Anyone who follows Caro_e_ on Instagram knows her as a person with a lot of style and a vivacious personality, all which she captures wonderfully in her beautiful pictures. I think that this collection fits her perfectly and really shows off her sense of style, which is defined as sexy and feminine.

The collection in the Hunkemoller store is shown as below, with the reference to Caro’s Instagram account, which gives her even more exposure (not that she really needs it with over 1million followers).

The Hunkemöller store at Wijnegem Shopping Center


I decided to purchase a sports bra and leggings of this collection so I could give my honest opinion about it.

The sports bra I chose is a beautiful pink and black push-up with lacy details. The back of the bra is elastic and adjustable, so that it can be adjusted to fitting you perfectly. As I’m wearing it, I do not feel discomfort in any way and it holds up everything it needs to.


The leggings are the same colors so that the pieces would match. The fabric is nice and soft and the leggings are very comfortable when wearing them. It has just the right amount of stretch and are not too hot to workout in.

The prices are standard Hunkemöller so it is not very expensive. You can check out the collection HERE and try it for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Kisses and Hugs

The Portuguese Girl*

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