The Designer bag obsession

 Your handbag is the most emotional purchase you make. It has to be just right – fashionable as well as functional.” – Isaac Mizrahi

Bags were always a cute accessory for me, but it wasn’t something I bought frequently. I mostly just used to have 2 or 3 basic ones that I would switch around every once and a while. But recently this changed as my interest in designer bags grew little by little.

I did always want a Louis Vuitton bag. Don’t ask me why and call me snobbish if you want, but there was something about a Louis Vuitton bag that made me think ‘If you have that, you made it’.

Surprisingly a Louis Vuitton bag was the first designer bag I ever owned. Now, I did not buy it myself, if I may add. It was a goodbye-gift from my colleagues at HPCDS when I left there. As they knew it was something I’ve always wanted, they all put together some money and where able to buy this cute, little one for me.

With the classic LV look, this bag gives every outfit that extra class

I was so surprised when I saw the bag, that I nearly started crying (yes, I cry when I see pretty things). It came in such a beautiful box and just the thought of owning a Louis Vuitton bag made me happy.

After that I just dreamt and looked at designer bags for some years and hoped I would own them all one day.

But recently I went all out! I was shopping during my holidays in Portugal and we passed a Michael Kors store. I was just window shopping ‘till my mom said ‘Let’s go inside, they’re having a sale!’  Well, I did not need much time (about 0.5seconds…) to fall in love with this beautiful Fuchsia-Pink bag.

Walking down the Cais de Gaia in Portugal, I thought this was the perfect setting to take a picture of my beautiful Michael Kors

Most people would go for a neutral color that goes with every outfit, but as I love the color pink, the moment I saw this bag, I knew I couldn’t leave without buying it. The good part about it? It had a 50% discount! I didn’t hesitate for a bit and bought my first Michael Kors that I’ve wanted for so long.

This bag has amazing finishes and it’s big, so therefore you can fit a lot into it. So it’s pretty handy for those days where you have to carry a lot with you. I realize this color is quite bold, but hey, it gives some outfits an extra color kick and makes you stand out in a crowd, right?

Back from vacation I decided to go and have a look at the sales in the Wijnegem Shopping Center. My sister saw this bronze crossbody bag in the shop window of the Guess store and we decided that we would have a look inside the store. I entered the store with her and there she was… The cutest Rose gold crossbody Guess bag with metallic finish perfect for a night out or weekends.

This Crossbody bag has room for all your essentials: Little wallet, phone, keys and lipstick

It’s much softer in color that the fushia Michael Kors so when I want to keep my outfit a bit more sober or just need to take my essentials with me, this is the go-to bag. This is from the new collection, so no discount for me :(.

I think that for now, I can live with these 3 gorgeous bags, but I’m dreaming of a cute little Furla already (Like I said, obsessed!)

I guess I better start saving some money of the January sales :)!

Kisses and Hugs

The Portuguese Girl*



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